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Sales Enablement

Aligning product, engineering & sales teams to develop provocative B2B selling engagements. 1 week leadership programs and 3-6 month transformation training available. 

Creating Common

Not even the best products can sell themselves most of the time, which is why sales enablement is fundamental in transforming your business growth. Organizations traditionally disenfranchise product and engineering teams by disconnecting them from sales. Headstorm trains on developing a shared language on the foundation of customer value, aligning teams to outcomes instead of effort.

“Headstorm brought expertise and a comprehensive framework of best practices in their Sales Enablement workshop they conducted with our salesforce. It always makes sense to sharpen your edge for competing at the highest level in B2B sales, and we appreciated the opportunity to work with the Headstorm team.”

Curantis Solutions

Headstorm’s sales-led transformation approach pushes product & engineering teams to align with sales on distilling the motivations, triggers, and objections that foundationally influence & investment decisions. The result is faster sales cycles, and fewer bake-offs eating away at your customer acquisition costs.

Learn more about how Human-Centered Design & a venture mindset you can align your entire organization on building products that are fueled by a shared language.

Your Unfair Advantage

Achieving organizational alignment between Product, Engineering, & Sales means dropping the prescriptive and embracing the provocative. Headstorm is here to make that happen by upskilling your teams.  

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stakeholder archetypes

Your sales team can identify and feed the change in value an archetype needs to experience to spend money; only then can you plug the product to work through more tactical considerations. No list of snazzy features will win the buyer’s head or heart if your team can’t speak the same language.

Sales Enablement

Sales, Product & Dev Alignment

So much of what sinks product ROI comes from the disconnect between your own teams. Overpromised sales, competitive pricing, project scope creep – Headstorm solves for these issues by creating a common language around customer impact & value.

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