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multi cloud cost optimization

Mastering Multi Cloud Cost Optimization: Strategies for Efficiency and Savings

What is Multi Cloud Cost Optimization? Multi cloud cost optimization involves allocating the most suitable and cost-effective cloud resources to individual workloads or applications. It carefully balances performance, expenses, compliance, and security needs to ensure that cloud investments align optimally with organizational requirements. Multi cloud cost optimization is an ever-changing

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blockchain healthcare doctor with patient

Descrambled: Is Blockchain The Future Of Healthcare?

In our last article, we discussed how blockchain is blowing up the lumbering giant of finance, next on its list? Healthcare… an industry which has been facing significant interoperability and privacy challenges over the past year. Yet, blockchain has already demonstrated value in healthcare by providing a single immutable version of the truth.

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IoT & data pipelines Leveraging mobile technology for a custom health and wellness solution
Case Study

IoT & Data Pipelines

For a health and wellness company exploring emerging telehealth technology, transforming culture and development practices was necessary.

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blockchain enabled transaction

Descrambled: What You Need To Know About Blockchain Basics

Since this is neither the first nor last guidance you’ll likely read on blockchain basics, we want to meet you where you are. Whether you’re in need of a full-on analogy to build your working knowledge of blockchain or just need a memory jog as to how the tech works. Either way, you’re in good shape to grasp this blockchain basis article.

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