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Lending, personalized

Enabling engaging, personalized marketing through modern tech and processes


We successfully empowered the client to generate more leads and increase customer satisfaction. This made us their trusted resource on the cloud, marketing tech, and UI/UX.

All new ways to engage audiences

Modern marketing capabilities and guidance

Freed up client resources

The flexibility of our all-in-one team gave the client freedom to focus on other initiatives

Skills, confidence, and future growth

We documented important subjects and trained team members on security, CI/CD, and more

Quicker value

We identified and tackled high impact areas to bring value before the usual maturation time



A growing lending company needed to scale technology services and build a better digital experience. We led efforts to design and implement a new web platform, create SSO capabilities, configure Azure instances, and define technology processes.

  • Project management
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • UI/UX
Build type
  • Hybrid
Tech stack
  • Angular
  • C#
  • Azure
Enabling engaging, personalized marketing through modern tech and processes

What we did

Start impact

After initial discovery and analysis, we shortlisted high impact, low effort lifts in customer satisfaction while the rest of the project continued.

  • Created strategic roadmap for redesign, implementation, and deployment of the website
  • More than doubled current website speed

Foundations for great journeys

We led efforts to redesign navigation, learning content, and buy flows based on in-depth competitor research and customer journey analysis.

  • Dynamic pages for personalized experiences
  • New navigation experience rivaling best of class competitors

Website implementation

We implemented the new CMS complete with custom internal controls, reporting capabilities, and a robust CI/CD process.

  • CMS deployed on various channels
  • Secure backend integrations handing PII

Technical guidance

Throughout the project, we helped with several other important technology initiatives.

  • In-depth security assessment of processes and technology practices
  • Seamless SSO service and enterprise cloud

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