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Internship Program

Learn and Grow at Headstorm

Since 2017, the goal of the program is to provide incoming interns with a meaningful professional experience, exposing them to life in the world of technology consulting in all its aspects: project and expectations management, development, and delivery.

While participating in our program, Headstorm interns will have a wide range of goals to work towards that will contribute to their success as engineers and professionals, with the hope to become full-time members of our consulting team.

Submissions for Summer 2023 Closed

Think like a Headstormer

Career Development

  • Work with a mentor to learn best practices in consulting and software engineering.

  • Attend workshops and training sessions to expand your skill set and gain knowledge in areas such as software development, project management, and communication.

Collaborative Abilities

  • Collaborate with a team of fellow interns and seasoned consultants to gain practical work experience in consulting.

  • Participate in regular team meetings, where you will have the opportunity to share your progress, provide feedback, and learn from your colleagues.

  • Gain experience in various aspects of consulting, such as business analysis, solution design, and project delivery.

Presentational Skills

  • Sharpen your presentational skills by preparing and delivering live demonstrations of your project to stakeholders, including clients and senior management.

  • Receive feedback from your mentor and team members to help you improve your communication and presentation skills.

  • Practice your communication and presentation skills in a supportive and constructive environment.

What will I work on?

You will work on a team to plan, define requirements, design, develop, test, and deploy a fully realized software application in a practical consulting environment. This includes client interfacing, such as requirements gathering and presentation of the deliverables.


Previous Projects Include:


A planning tool to coordinate events and analyze attendance patterns.


A project planning application to streamline the software development process.

Foundry UI

An open source UI component library with customizable styling and behavior.

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