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Trace Genomics: Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping, product strategy, agile training

We enabled the Trace Genomics team to rapidly develop an MVP and prepare for long-term success with agile processes, product development methodologies, and strategic considerations.

Launched 87% ahead of schedule

90-day turnaround on work originally scoped as a 2-year project using internal resources

Strategic handoff

Seamless handoff that empowered the existing engineering organization

New internal capabilities

Implemented product and technology processes that led to faster and higher quality delivery on workstreams outside of the core engagement

Trace Genomics: Helping Growers With Soil Data

San Francisco

Trace Genomics had the science and industry knowledge to give agronomists comprehensive data about their soil, but didn’t have the knowledge to quickly scale their product. They chose Headstorm to help create a dynamic application capable of collecting soil sample data, showing pathogen info, and visualizing key metrics.

Build type
  • Greenfield
Tech stack
  • React
  • Python

“We had a deadline that required technical leadership as well as

experienced in the agriculture domain. Headstorm worked with 

our product and technical teams to deliver high fidelity designs

followed by fully coded proofs-of-concept within weeks, and

helped us deliver our first digital MVP.”

ariel zajdband headshot

Ariel Zajdband

Lead Product Manager

Trace+Genomics+Logo+Gradient_trademarked 1

What we did for Trace Genomics

Getting the full picture

Organized key staff members from lab, product, and agriculture to understand the complex ecosystem and customer journey.

  • Defined stakeholder roles, draft product roadmap, and major epics/themes
  • Embedded proven process to capture key insights and learnings

Test, Learn, and Build

Surfaced 7 concepts and pursued 2 hi-fi prototypes collaborating with agronomists, field partners, SMEs, and customer service agents.

  • Implemented new ways of customer research and design led engineering
  • Key outputs were realistic/testable prototypes

Racing toward MVP

By implementing agile practices and rituals, the integrated development team pushed out a fully productized MVP within 90 days.

  • Launched MVP in time for investor milestone
  • Refined roadmap and created significantly improved developer velocity

Looking beyond MVP

After deployment, we collaborated with Trace Genomics leadership on product strategy, executed on near term application improvements, and created a comprehensive handoff document.

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