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Assessing new revenue

Advising a fast-growing company on scale-ready technology


The client received two viable approaches to accommodate multiple tenants and their impacts on the current application.

Multiple options

Two potential business models

Better data

Clean, secure, compliant data schema

Code review process

A path to improving file structure, patterns, etc


San Francisco

A large home utility provider asked us to assess whether their flagship application could expand to handling new capabilities like multi-tenancy.

Build type
  • Assessment
Tech stack
  • .NET Core
  • Kubernetes
Assessing new revenue Advising a fast-growing company on scale-ready technology

What we did


We started by defining the client’s technology and business goals and aligning on a standardized evaluation scale for the assessment.

  • Standardized assessment scale
  • Defined goals

Application & solution

We dove deep into the existing application, file structure, solution organization, and coding patterns.

  • Coding pattern improvements
  • Noticed important security risks

Data & integration

The client’s data schema was messy and insecure. We suggested improving validation, grooming, and a deeper dive into regulatory compliance. Also, integrations were difficult due to hard-coded logic and configurations.

  • Awareness of data/regulation issues
  • Better prepared for future integrations

Plan of action

Every suggestion we made came with a clear, actionable solution to resolve.

  • Clear methods of fixing issues

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