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Data Pipelines &
API Platforms

The most important thing to your company, besides your customers, is your data. Every morsel of data can help drive important business decisions.

Advantageously Align Your Data

There are two types of data: data you know about, and data you want to know about. When your making decisions for your organization you want to know about all your data. You need to have it organized and ready for processing. That’s where Headstorm comes in. Our data engineers and architects use their industry experience and best practices.
extract, transform, and load data

Delivering Data-Driven Decisions

Our data engineers and architects apply their industry expertise to every client. Unblocking stagnant data sources through data management protocols and systems. This ensures that your data gets where it needs to be and in a format that’s readable and usable.

Start to harness real-time data through your insights platform or data warehouse immediately.

Your Unfair Advantage

We are here to provide you with scalable and extensible solutions for your business. Through applying our industry expertise we customize all our services and products. Delivering well-tested solutions that can grow with you for many years to come.

data architecture and platforms

Data architecture & Platforms

Efficient mechanisms to ingest and organize data to enable data engineering and science.

data cataloging and insights

data cataloging & insights

Roles and governance to identify the right dimensions and measures to drive decision-making.

practical and applied data science

practical & applied data science

Algorithms and analytical models built for rapid experimentation and sanity checked for scale.

rapid platforming and application building

rapid platform & application building

Experimenting with agility alongside existing engineering application teams.

Turn Your Data Into Answers

Automate Data Ingestion

By transporting data in batches your systems are ingesting your data at a slower rate. Automating data processing ensures you have a real-time view of your data.

Always Accessible Data

It’s difficult to know that you are getting the most accurate and timely data if it is siloed. Know where your data is needed by having it all in one place.

Data Across Channels

Developing data agility within your org through omnichannel access means insights & outputs become a shared language across teams.

Advantages Of Data Platforms


Number of data sources

Receiving real-time internal data complemented by 3rd party information. Instead of relying on predominantly internal and historical information.


granularity of insights

Most granular level view of device-specific signals for each customer. As opposed to an aggregated view at a per location level across markets.


Integration in processes

Moving from batch updates to streaming data makes it more usable. Enabling your leadership to make data-driven decisions fed by automated processes and systems.

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