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Data Engineering &
Data Science

More data has been created in the past 3 years than in the rest of time. Chances are your competitors are using their data. How much of your data is informing your decisions?

Creating A Data Advantage

Harnessing your data and becoming a data-driven company takes a lot of work. Your information must be organized in a format and location where it is accessible. Through streamlining and optimizing your data ecosystem you can visualize data quicker. Access to your real-time visualized data enables you to make data-driven decisions.
lakhouse: raw and business data used to develop domain models used in training modeling engine. | Domain model: analytics domain models that are used for training AI. | Feature engineering: features built from analytics model business domail levers. | Analytic platform: features provide learning engine to deliver raw models. | Raw model: raw feature data model used to develop recommendations. | Guidance: analytics engine provides data models & business rules for future recommendations.

Your Unfair Advantage

Our consultants are engineers first who are experts at solving your impactful problems. We are always focused on delivering value as your project is underway instead of years down the line. The goal when transforming your data is to deliver value based on your business needs.

data architecture and platforms

Data architecture & Platforms

Efficient mechanisms to ingest and organize data to enable data engineering and science.

data cataloging and insights

data cataloging & insights

Roles and governance to identify the right dimensions and measures to drive decision-making.

practical and applied data science

practical & applied data science

Algorithms and analytical models built for rapid experimentation and sanity checked for scale.

rapid platforming and application building

rapid platform & application building

Experimenting with agility alongside existing engineering application teams.

Turn Your Data Into Answers

Empower Leadership

Leveraging your organization’s data to inform and empower decisions. Which enhances the ability of staff and management to use analytical abilities. Giving your leadership the support they need to make data-driven decisions.

Optimize Processes

Data is the language of optimization, and your ability to listen dictates how quickly optimization turns into automation. We facilitate data-driven efficiencies for a faster path.

Uncover Opportunities

Analyzing your data leads to recognizing areas that need improvement. Through discovering inefficiencies you have the ability to reduce costs and enhance workflows. Which enables you to drive innovation and product development for your company.

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