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Cybersecurity Strategy

Assessing products, processes & platforms to protect data integrity and drive security as a growth strategy.

Security by Design

Most organizations focus on maturity-based cybersecurity. In other words, they establish basic security policies and might even have one or more individuals shouldering the weight of an outdated strategy. This is a reactive approach, and it doesn’t lead to a low-risk environment – instead, it leads to more breaches and greater disruption per breach. Organizations that have the lowest cyber risk take a proactive approach. They understand that cybercrime is a non-traditional threat requiring multilateral procedures to safeguard their whole business – every vertical, every department, every step of the way.

cybersecurity strategy

Your Unfair Advantage

Our cybersecurity framework is based on risk management. By identifying possible avenues of risk and where you might be breached, we provide you with a detailed analysis on your weak points and estimated likelihood of exploitation. We help you figure out what to prioritize first, what to address and what risks, if any, are acceptable.

Risk-Based Approach

Your decision makers should have all the information they need in order to craft a well-rounded and effective cybersecurity strategy. It’s more than just checking off boxes… it’s understanding how your business operates, how it differs from that of your competitors, how to truly get the best return out of your security investment.

cybersecurity strategy

Shift Left Security 

“Growth” and “security” seem like two concepts that simply don’t mix. Most organizations worry that by investing in cybersecurity they are funneling their money into a segment of their enterprise that won’t help them scale up. They are wrong. A cybersecurity strategy helps expand your reach, create new services, approach new clients, & craft new products.

cybersecurity strategy

Inclusive Integration

Your software & technology are constantly being updated at massive expense. But there is something that can’t be so easily updated – your staff. 88% of all cybersecurity breaches are a direct result of human error, or simply human negligence. That’s why we take a human-centered approach by crafting a cybersecurity strategy that works with your entire company, humans included.

Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

Cybercriminals are not standing by, idly waiting for your security to improve – they are constantly improving their tactics and techniques. Every breach is a massive loss for your organization but a monumental gain for criminals.

  • Every 11 seconds a ransomware attack occurs
  • The average ransom demand is now $5.3 million
  • 87% of ransomed companies pay up

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