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Ransomware attack simulation

Ransomware and the impact it’s having on the global economy has become a hot button topic especially with recent attacks like Kaseya & Colonial Pipeline. Join us for our ransomware attack simulation, where we’ll discuss ransomware’s transformation, show you a ransomware attack, and show you the steps to prevent something similar happening to you.


What will you learn?

  • How ransomware has evolved & is distributed
  • What the newest progressions in attacks are
  • How you can prevent breaches & protect your most vital data

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about the webinar

Ransomware is constantly evolving, since the start of the pandemic the average ransom amount has doubled, and the number of organizations being affected has increased 485%. The question is no longer if your organization will be breached with a ransomware attack, but when and how prepared you’ll be.

Meet the speakers

Clay specializes in enhancing the security posture of organizations to ultimately reduce overall risk by developing / updating / implementing security programs and empowering teams to succeed.

Alex is the former CTO of a publicly-traded company, exited entrepreneur, & keynote speaker with experience in product development & management amounting to more than $7 billion in development responsibility. Follow him on LinkedIn for additional insights.

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