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Advising for scale

Advising a fast-growing company on scale-ready technology


Our critical findings and recommendations led to the client receiving millions of dollars in funding and created a solid foundation for future success.

Millions in funding

A successful funding round

All new insights

Methods to generate and synthesize customer data

Ready for scale

Ability to invest in their services, infrastructure

Doing things the right way

Modernized research, design, development, and operational best practices



A scaling AgTech company was seeking a new round of funding. But first, they needed to know if their technology could scale to the size and speed needed for positive ROI. They asked us to answer their key concern: Does their current approach let them scale 6x in under a year?

Build type
  • Assessment
Tech stack
  • .NET Core
  • Kubernetes
Space Shuttle taking off

What we did

Thinking ahead

We started by identifying feasibility and potential implementation risks and simulating product usage under peak loads.

  • Confidence in launching
  • More accurate estimations
  • Prepared for high-volumes

Streamlining & prevention

We recommended modernized design guidelines, necessary code reviews, and an easier way to save time comparing vendors.

  • Reusable design guidelines
  • Helpful vendor selection process
  • Minimized poor coding practices

People, product, & process

To improve velocity, estimates, and proactivity, we recommended better processes and common KPI’s.

  • Proactive team
  • Ability to track and optimize product & process
  • More accurate completion timeline

Design, research, & focus

Finally, we noticed gaps in customer research, authentication, project timelines, and the team’s  interest in leveraging existing analyst info.

  • New methods for a customer feedback loop
  • Time saved with new analyst info

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