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Founded by Mark Cuban in 2019

The Mark Cuban AI Bootcamps Initiative has hosted multiple free camps teaching AI to public school students in Dallas, Texas. Headstorm is proud to be a founding sponsor and even prouder to have taught at the inaugural bootcamp. Consults from Headstorm volunteer with data science experts from Walmart and Microsoft to help give students an amazing first experience with AI.

Over the course of five half-days, high-school students learn what AI is and isn’t, where they already interact with AI in their own lives, the ethical implications of AI systems, and much more. Students also learn how to use Microsoft’s cloud computing tools to build their own AI applications. By exposing high-school students to AI concepts normally taught at the collegiate level, the program aims to help those same students create innovative solutions from a younger, teenage perspective.

Mark Cuban AI Foundation
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One of our core pillars at Headstorm is evangelism, part of which is giving back to our communities in impactful ways. The AI Bootcamp provides us with an opportunity to get involved using our superpower: technology. The program enables our talented team to contribute to the community by using data science skills that are difficult for charitable organizations to find. We use our knowledge and expertise to help high school students navigate the realms of AI and data science throughout the camp. Students come in with little knowledge and by the end they are able to utilize cloud resources to develop fully functioning innovative AI solutions. We have partnered with the Mark Cuban Foundation to be part of the AI Bootcamp since day one. Over the years, our relationship has grown and our involvement with the camp has increased from helping write curricula, being teachers and mentors, all the way to helping formulate rubrics and measurements of success for students and camps. Since 2020, the camp has expanded a lot and has grown to have multiple camps nationwide, impacting hundreds of students. We have been hosting one of the camps at our Addison headquarters for the last two years, which provides us with the ability to interact directly with students and provide more hands-on guidance. It has been rewarding to all of us at Headstorm to see the students grow and accomplish so much in four short weeks.

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