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Reimagining the
Physician Experience

Giving physicians a low-friction mobile solution to simplify patient management and team communication


The project was successfully delivered in weeks and changed the way our client thinks about development. We showed how product-led thinking delivers impactful features quickly and released real code that outpaced design/wireframes with a building block approach.

Weeks not Months (Let Alone Years)

Working with agility without being slowed down by academic agile, releasing real features 2x week

Data-Driven Features

Native features powered innovative ways to explore lab results, securely message colleagues, and use observed behavior to eliminate unnecessary admin overhead

Building Blocks By Default

A focus on easy to build on and reusable components helped the client take advantage of upcoming mobile trends and best practices. Future features deploy faster and with more flexibility



A leading Healthcare company with a popular electronic health record (EHR) platform wanted to rapidly release a functioning prototype and see how physicians could benefit from native mobile functionality and innovative machine learning to reduce negative experiences impacting patient-centered care. Voice-to-text, advanced data features, modern touch experiences, secure messaging innovations, and more were brought to life as engineering, design, and product teams worked side by side in often daily iterations.

  • Product ownership
  • UX/UI
  • Frontend development
  • Cyber security


Build type
  • Hybrid & Greenfield
Tech stack
  • React native
  • Hybrid framework
Screenshot of patient care web application

What we did

Design Engineering

Engineers started building from day 1 and rapidly evolved as patient and physician insights were added in near real-time via JIRA. Code building blocks, informed by very low fidelity design, were built into components that later helped rapidly deploy complex features without the waterfall of research à design à engineering.

  • First release of native app in less than 10 days
  • Reusable components rapidly deployed

Weekly, Iterative Results

We released code 2x week (Tu/Fri) and worked closely with end users, sales, product, and existing engineering teams to bring everyone along the journey. Engineering outpaced visual design, making assumptions that were easy to evolve with actual user data as it became available without delaying testing.

  • Rapid client & user feedback (research and analytics)
  • Patterns/components over unnecessary polish
  • Upskilled product teams and client partners with new ways of working, value focused product delivery

Live Demos, Reusable Patterns

We delivered a functioning prototype for a critical part of the shared physician/patient journey, testing with real code and real users instead of only high-fidelity wireframes.  Confidence and clarity around the power of native mobile inspired dozens of critical enterprise conversations on the future of mobile.

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