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Curantis: E2E hospice care

Process improvement, field reporting, order management for EMRs


Multiple processes and user friction points were improved. Hospice care planning and processes were much better for everyone involved through user research and design led engineering.

Replaced unreliable paper process

Converted analog processes to digital

Reduced patient handling time

Reduced per patient review time by 95%

Boosted interest & market share

Armed with attractive new product features


Hospice care has lots of moving parts. Personalized care plans, plan sign offs, prescriptions, and equipment. Hospice facilities struggled to transform legacy to digital, which meant tons of manual work for each patient every week.  Headstorm lead the product and engineering transformation to scale and serve hundreds of hospice facilities.

  • UI/UX design
  • Full stack development
  • Product management
Build type
  • Hybrid & Greenfield
Tech stack
  • UI – Angular/Ionic
  • Java
  • Platform – AWS
Screenshot of patient care web application

What we did

Improving plan of care

Many different roles meet with patients to help them choose a care plan. We accounted for all stakeholders, technologies, and processes.

  • Customer and user research to benchmark current experiences
  • Assessed/audited legacy systems

Reimagining assessments

Nurses assessing patients capture important metrics and observations before suggesting a plan of care. We helped replace the manual workflows and intelligently recommend care plan actions.

  • Developed a fully functioning iOS suite
  • Connected the experience to the re-architected backend system
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant

More efficient groups

We streamlined care team “IDG” group meetings with care approval processes. These were completed for a significant volume of patients weekly.

  • Created a collaborative interface that reduced per patient reviews time from 2 hours to 5 minutes

Order management

Integrated the ordering of medication and equipment into their existing app. Seamless connections between hybrid and greenfield apps to legacy systems.

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