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Human-Centered Design in a Box

Nurturing discovery and inclusion in product design; assessing legacy experiences with best practices; driving in-house Human-Centered Design (HCD) workshops.

Design Thinking

Whether you’re re-evaluating legacy designs or starting a new project, you want to ensure you’re unlocking the most value as quickly as possible. However, it’s easier said than done: developing your team’s ability to deliver Human-Centered Design solutions takes time, effort, & capital. We help your team cruise through that rampup with our HCD workshops where we deliver training, tools, & patterns that we’ve spent over 1,000 hours developing in Miro. 
human centered design

Design thinking isn’t just for designers. By introducing your project & engineering teams to design thinking, you’re opening them up to nonlinear and agile problemsolving styles. By introducing a new way of approaching problems, you & your team can unlock more innovative solutions 

Your Unfair Advantage

Headstorm’s product methodology – Foundry – is rooted in and focused on design. Our leaders and many of our engineers are immersed in design training to improve your team’s Human-Centered Design thinking… leading to results like 95% efficiency gains in customer workflow. 

Human-Centered Design

Stakeholder map

To determine what the key features and interactions will be, it’s important to lay out who you’re designing for. Establish which stakeholders, both internal and external, you need to prioritize to drive impactful design thinking 

Human-Centered Design

Problem tree analysis

We break down your legacy designs to understand what the key objectives are and find your desired result — then we lay out a plan to reach your goals. Through focusing on quick wins, we deliver value incrementally starting with the most impactful objectives. 

Human-Centered Design


By laying out your new human-centered designs on a storyboard, we can quickly and clearly convey how the user experience will flow. This allows us to correct problems, that might otherwise go unnoticed, before delivering a final product. 

Human-Centered Design

Creative matrix

To generate a broad scope of possibilities rapidly, we develop a creativity matrix for our clients. By prompting those involved in the creative process with “How might we…” statements, we’re able to develop objectives and tasks that produce quick wins 

Human-Centered Design

What’s on your radar?

In combination with other tools like the creativity matrix, we evaluate the key issues and priority lists of potential users. Doing so surfaces which tasks will have the most impact on the users’ experience and keep your team focused on the most outcome-oriented tasks.  

Human-Centered Design

...And many others

These are 5 common methods out of 25+ that can be mixed and matched to help you (re)design meaningful products & services.

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