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Digitizing farm field data

Headstorm created an enterprise data platform, ingesting massive datasets and enabling predictive AI insights which are transforming the ag industry.


Enabled our client to be the first to offer their Ag Powered Services in MADMA, offering game-changing innovation to ag tech B2B customers. 

Global impact

The MVP launch garnered over 250+ million impressions globally and became headline news 

Accelerate innovation

Dozens of companies have expressed interest in offering their data through MADMA

Partnership opportunities

Enable future collaboration with other data providers as a Systems Integrator



Our client wanted to be the first company to offer their agricultural data on Azure Marketplace on the newly launched Microsoft Azure Data Manager for Agriculture (MADMA); however, they lacked the expertise to do this. As an Azure solutions partner for Digital and App Innovation, Headstorm was the right partner to help them achieve their business objective.

  • Project/
    product mgmt.
  • Architecture
  • Software engineers
Build type
  • Greenfield
Tech stack
  • Kubernetes, Microservices, Terraform
  • Service layer – Java Spring Boot, Hibernate
  • CI/CD – GitLab
  • Platform – Azure

What we did

Getting the full picture

Headstorm engaged with client teams from cloud engineering, product security, and ag powered services to understand the business goals, key priorities, and time constraints for the MVP.

Defined the scope & provided clarity to the business

Working with multiple teams, and utilizing SAFe, our software engineers and architects created epics,  features, and stories; prioritized the work; and removed blocks to enable other teams to move forward. 

  • Fulfilled key team roles (Product Owner, Scrum Master, devs, Architect)
  • Created a complete backlog from scratch with 100+ stories

Accelerated innovation to meet tight deadlines

With the project already months behind schedule, Headstorm hit the ground running and delivered a complete microservice architecture supporting multiple service offerings, meeting global compliance regulations, and enabling multiple teams to complete their work in time for the global launch.

White-glove service end to end

From inception to completion, Headstorm provided every aspect needed to launch our client’s MVP offering globally.  Considered by the client as one of the best consulting firms they’ve ever worked with, Headstorm has developed a strong relationship spanning over 23 projects in seven years.

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