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Streamlining &
Modernizing DevOps

Automating CI/CD pipeline to reduce costs and increase speed to market


We strategized with the client on best practices for an automated CI/CD pipeline and then helped implement a solution that resulted in a 25% year-over-year savings in cloud-hosting and QA FTE costs.

Reduced costs

Millions in savings on cloud costs and QA overhead through environment consolidation

Increased speed to market

Decreased feature delivery lead time thorugh the elimination of deployment complexity

Custom deployment architecture

Tailored approach to manage cloud and on-prem solutions with fewer risks


San Fancisco

Our client needed the expertise and capability to automate the build, test, and release of software within a single, production-only environment.

  • Project & product management
  • Architecture
  • Cloud engineering
Build type
  • Brownfield 
Tech stack
  • Java, Clojure, Scala
  • GitLab
  • AWS
Modular Framework

What we did

Service migration strategy

We designed a strategy that allowed services to migrate seamlessly from legacy deployment paradigms (through lower environments) to testing in production without worrying about data conflicts.

Robust delivery

Our team bridged the gap between the application engineers and the release team to deliver resilient, fast, fully automated CI/CD pipelines that ensured the application engineers stay focused on features without sacrificing best practices. 

Quality improvements

We reworked existing test frameworks to be faster, more stable, and more precise to accelerate application development and provide better feedback loops.

Best Practices

Combining security principles (least principle and IAM) with infrastructure as code allowed our team to deploy with confidence, further quickening our iteration cycle. 

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