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Innovation & Product Management Stand Up

Stand-up of a new functional capability in the business, including an innovation intake process, business case development, leadership approval workflow


We enabled our logistics client to drive innovation through the company
and clarity in their product roadmap, bridging the gap
between strategy and product development.

Informed leaders

Leadership now has visibility into innovation efforts, including current spend, go-to-market progress, and collaboration with ongoing marketing efforts

Connected teams

Product teams now have a clear process for understanding customer needs, translating to business requirements, and prioritizing based on impact

Focused developers

Developers have a solid plan to start the implementation of World Group’s top product initiatives


Cleveland, OH

Our client is a third-party logistics company that has grown considerably from its trucking roots to become a global, multimodal shipper. Due to business demand and hypergrowth of one of their offerings, our client chose Headstorm to help them develop a product mindset to internally stand-up innovation and digital product management capabilities. 

  • Product Leadership 
  • Management Consulting
  • Product Management
Build type
  • Greenfield
Tools & Process
  • Headstorm Foundry product methodology
  • Scaled Agile and Scrum methodology
  • JIRA

What we did

Define a vision for innovation

Collaborated with company leadership to define an operating model for innovation

  • Defined roles and responsibilities for innovation and product management
  • Define processes and workflows for new digital products and a portfolio of existing products
  • Established the toolset for enablement

Establish plan for Agile Transformation

Customized a transformation plan based on assessment results and stakeholder input of current-state operations.

  • Assessed current product and engineering process gaps and desired states
  • Aligned organizational management and hiring plan with maturity level

Implement processes for Agile Delivery

Executed the plan to implement agile product delivery across the organization.

  • Introduced a phased approach starting with Scrum
  • Partnered with newly hired CTO to apply product thinking when restructuring applications and teams
  • Established product governance to enable collaboration and transparency

Train and coach change champions

Headstorm partnered with our logistic client to identify and train personnel that will participate in digital product management.

  • Defined job descriptions for product management and software engineering organization
  • Implemented an agile management tool for tracking the digital product portfolio
  • Provided coaching for product ownership, scrum masters, and solution architects

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