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Farmer Marketplace

Enabling seed dealers and growers to improve yields and customer experience


Our client’s Farmer Marketplace is set to be a massive launch for a important piece of their business. Releasing in late 2019.

Saving time

Parallel integration

Responsive & mobile-friendly

Not just desktop anymore

Quicker future improvements

Reusable component library

AgTech: Farmer Marketplce

San Francisco

Farmers and dealers needed a way to choose and store seed recommendations for their various fields, so the client chose us because of our industry expertise.

  • Project/product mgmt.
  • Architecture
  • UI/UX design
  • Development
  • QA
Build type
  • Greenfield
Tech stack
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • DOM
Farmer field monitoring dashboard

What we did

Starting from the ground up

Before diving too deep, we considered all existing tech, complex data integrations, and specific user needs. This improved our project plan and prevented future roadblocks.

  • Opportunity and legacy technology/process assessment
  • MVP roadmap and data mapping

Molding a strategy

To help with the inefficiencies, we pushed for a pod across teams and met bi-weekly to improve designs.

  • Drove multi-disciplinary team: design/dev/product
  • Parallel app launch strategy with supporting interface, information, and systems architecture

Making it real

We helped their customers use the Farmer Marketplace anywhere by upgrading it from a desktop view to a responsive layout.

  • Reusable component library
  • Responsive UX/UI wireframes
  • Orchestration layer (Android + iOS)
  • Extensive testing with sellers and growers

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