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Founded by Mark Cuban in 2019

The Mark Cuban AI Bootcamps Initiative has hosted multiple free camps teaching AI to public school students in Dallas, Texas. Headstorm is proud to be a founding sponsor and even prouder to have taught at the inaugural bootcamp. Consults from Headstorm volunteer with data science experts from Walmart and Microsoft to help give students an amazing first experience with AI.

Over the course of five half-days, high-school students learn what AI is and isn’t, where they already interact with AI in their own lives, the ethical implications of AI systems, and much more. Students also learn how to use Microsoft’s cloud computing tools to build their own AI applications. By exposing high-school students to AI concepts normally taught at the collegiate level, the program aims to help those same students create innovative solutions from a younger, teenage perspective.

Mark Cuban AI Foundation
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One of the most rewarding aspects of helping with a technology-focused program is that Headstorm is able to contribute to the community by using data science skills that are difficult for charitable organizations to find. The students benefit from instructors that are knowledgeable about data science and really able to help the student understand the material quickly – the students go from knowing very little about AI to developing their own innovative solutions in only one week!

Headstorm’s involvement extends past teaching – consultants have worked with the Mark Cuban Foundation to develop and refine the curriculum since day one. During the summer of 2020, COVID forced the program to go to a virtual-only delivery, and, with only a few minor technical bumps, the students experienced one of the best camps ever. This shift to online delivery has helped the program accelerate its plans to launch into becoming a nationwide program and helping train future data scientists in AI – a field that Mark Cuban believes will have more impact on the world than the internet. We agree.

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