Modernizing & securing data

Improving workforce performance, order/billing mgmt. security and processes, and visibility of performance metrics


We successfully helped avoid multiple issues from no integration with key enterprise systems to severe staff turnover and insecure data. Also, this established a complete, secure IT infrastructure for future use.

Secured data

Managing the collection of data and the generation of reports kept data secure.

Prevented issues

Incorporation of financial rules into the system eliminated human error and prevented billing issues with clients and payroll issues with associates.

Saved time

Automating the ingestion of data from CRM, the generation of reports, and the extraction of data for franchisee systems reduced manual effort down to one FTE to oversee the entire process.



A staffing industry client needed to automate, secure, and visualize key pieces of their business, including the adjustment of gross margin calculations. But with a high turnover rate, and no integration with key enterprise systems, we were brought in to help.

  • UI/UX
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend development
Build type
  • Hybrid
Tech stack
  • C#
  • SQL Server
  • jQuery

What we did

Sizing the issue

We discovered the client relied on error-prone, untraceable spreadsheets for daily activities. Our new solution integrated with their CRM and created extracts for franchisee financial systems.

  • Integration to enterprise systems
  • Digitized, maintainable rules and processes

Smoothing it out

We digitized their workflow and financial rules to promote easier maintenance and smoother transition between staff members.

  • Easier to handle employee transition
  • Automated report generation and PDF creation

Security first

The client’s data was error-prone and insecure. So we helped create an encrypted database for all sensitive data and a cloud-based system for calculations. This helped improve data integrity and confidentiality.

  • Secured data with audit trails
  • Automated, cloud-based calculations
  • Confidential communications

A modern software strategy

We modernized the existing solution based on a Microsoft .NET platform using ASP.NET, C#, and supporting tools.