“Study the past if you would define the future” – Confucius.

The understanding of a business’s current software and processes is necessary to determine the proper course of action for the new software project. To accomplish this goal Headstorm’s business analysts will learn, assess, and document your current relevant systems and processes. Through this process we will collectively gain an understanding for what is necessary to accomplish your business goals. Once we have documented and created diagrams for your current software and processes, we can then move forward with creating the new software, or building on what you already currently have.



This is where the fun starts! Our development team will meet with your business team to determine the overall goals of the project. Using what we learned from the discovery process we will determine what will maximize your company’s profits. We will go over what the deliverables will be for the project be it new software, upgraded software, a new web/phone app, and so on.

project kickoff


Software architecting is the process of choosing the right technology to ensure that the software runs smoothly, that its secure, and that the design is scalable and flexible enough to account for future improvements and changes. This initial planning stage is left simplistic and generalized by design. We want to understand what your current goals are for the project, but we realize that these goals will likely change over time, so we don’t want to overly invest in planning out every minute detail when they are likely to change. This rational follows the Agile philosophy. During the planning and organizing phase we begin planning a flexible framework. We outline what your goals and organize them into “user stories.” These user stories are steps that must be completed to finish the project.

plan and organize



Enough talking more coding. We now get to work building your software, and keep you informed every step of the way. Under the Agile philosophy the software developers start each day with a call to your business representative. They explain which user story they will be working on that day and what they accomplished the day before. The developers organize these user stories into iterations which typically take two weeks to complete. At the conclusion of the two weeks the goal is to have a piece of functioning software that is functional and has already been through quality assurance. We will present this new piece of software to you, and explain how it fits into the whole process. As the iterations are completed you will witness your software coming to life and gaining more and more features. Throughout this process your goals for your software may change, or you may want to adjust some aspects of it. This is expected from the beginning so implementing these changes are just a part of the fluid and adaptive nature of our Agile process. We adapt based on your needs, and what will ultimately make your company the most money!


Time to start raking in the money! All the pieces of the puzzle are assembled and now is finally the time to start seeing the benefits of all the work. We will review the software and all its features with you, and will show you how they accomplish your company’s goals. Then it’s time to bust out the champagne because your software is going to go launch!



We stand behind all of our products and services. We train your staff to properly use the new piece of software to its fullest capacity. If you experience any difficulties, or the software is not operating how you expect, no sweat. Just contact us, and we will make the required changes in order to keep you running and making money. At this point you will be so happy with us that you will want to add further features and updates. To this we ask, “when do we start?!”



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